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About Trainquality Studios

What we love is movement!

Creating it, adjusting it, exploring it, understanding it...movement is life!

We all have the capacity for some form of movement, from the beating of your heart to synapse connections that pass messages around your body, every living person moves every moment of their life.

So we celebrate it here at Trainquality because we celebrate life.

What do we offer?

♡ Small, high quality classes run by teachers who care.

♡ Teachers devoted to what they teach, who really want you to learn about your body.

♡ A variety of classes, because cross-training through lots of movement styles is a great way of ensuring your body is working well at all levels.

♡ Teaching for all levels from 'never thought about movement before' to professional athletes and dancers.

♡ We love to work closely with Physiotherapists, Dance Teachers, Chiropractors or other specialists to enable you to fix problems effectively.

♡ Private lessons and Personal Training so you can really focus on you.

♡ Choreography and tuition for bridal dances.

Who are we?

Ruth Edington-Sheather

Ruth's biggest belief is that everybody should have access to affordable quality training for rehab, prehab, and bio-mechanical understanding of their body.

She carries this through to all her teaching be it Dance, Pilates or Yoga.

As someone who spent her life performing for a living she often could not afford proper rehabilitation and support and this meant she was working around injuries that could have been fixed. She wanted to stop that happening to other people.

Ruth started Personal Training and teaching Pilates 15 years ago and has been studying, learning and teaching ever since.

Her loves are Dance, Anatomy and Bio-mechanics and her mission in life is to learn all she can and pass on that knowledge, to help people understand the way their body works, to minimise pain and to improve quality of movement at every level of ability.

Marianne Edington-Sheather

Marianne has been working and teaching in the Fitness Industry for over 18 years as a Group fitness instructor, personal trainer and Fitness/Facility manager.

She has done presentations at FILEX, been an instructor trainer in several systems of training and has always been passionate about making a difference to people's lives.

When she is not at the studio she is working in disability services and has taught Swimming, Personal Training, Zumba and Chiball for clients of all abilities.

Marianne is dedicated to improving the well-being of people with special needs and creating a sense of inclusiveness and support for all.

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Classes will continue to run during the power outages. We look forward to seeing you soon.

New Things Are Happening!

Preschooler classes!

We are officially launching our Pre-School program and couldn't be more excited!
Pre-School AcroDance: Wednesday's 3.30pm - 4pm
Pre-School Yoga: Monday's 3.30pm - 4pm

Preschool Enrollment

Salsa Classes

For Adults we have a Beginner Salsa Course starting on the 6th of February - 9th of April. A 10 Week Salsa course to get you on the dance floor!

Salsa Enrollment

Kids & Teens Classes

We have had outstanding results with some of our classes so far and we absolutely cant wait to see what 2020 has in store for these classes.

Monday's - Contemporary Dance (Kids 4-5pm & Teens 5-6pm)
Tuesday's - Acrobatic Arts (Kids 4-5pm & Teens 5-6pm)
Friday's - Drama/Physical Theatre (Kids 4-5pm & Teens 5-6pm)

Kids & Teens Enrollment

Argentine Tango

Tango Course

New term starts on the 22nd of January for 11 weeks. Classes run every Wednesday 7.30pm - 9pm Sign up now using the link below!

Tango Enrollment

Candlelit Yin Yoga

Want to get a good night's sleep?

8pm Tuesday Night is a chance for you to relax and restore yourself,ready for the rest of the week.

Come and stretch out your body,relax your mind and devote a little bit of time to letting go of stress in a warm, cosy, candlelit room.

Try something new.

Chiball on Monday at 7.30pm is a gentle, flowing class with Qigong, Pilates, Feldenkrais and yoga elements. Its a great class to get your body moving and let your mind relax.

Tabata Circuit Training Monday at 6.30pm, Thursday at 6.30pm and Saturday at 9.15am are classes with strength training and cardio components, great for bone density, muscle building and fitness improvements. The classes are small enough that your technique can be corrected for safe training and adjustments can be made to work for everybody's capabilities.