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What is yoga good for?

▪ letting you relax your mind and body

▪ improving mobility

▪ strengthening legs and shoulders using body weight

▪ creating long lean muscle

▪ improving your breath capacity

▪increasing balance and coordination

▪giving you a sense of wellbeing

What type of yoga class should I do?

Yoga Fundamentals

▪ for all levels from beginner upwards

▪ designed to give you a solid, deep understanding of how to align and activate your body to get the most out of the physical poses of yoga.

▪ uses props to ensure you are positioned safely and to teach you what you should feel in each pose

▪ gives you the building blocks for yoga asanas and allows you to revisit them weekly so that you get the most out of your regular yoga practice.

▪ classes can be adapted for most injuries (please let your instructor know at the start of class)

Hatha Classes

▪ for all levels from beginner upwards

▪ a steadily moving class using both standing and mat based postures

▪ classes can be adapted for most injuries (please let your instructor know at the start of class)

Yin Classes

▪ a slow, gentle restorative class for all levels

▪ good for developing flexibility

▪ a soothing way to end your day and wind the body down

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New Things Are Happening!

So many new and exciting things are happening in 2020!

Kids & Teens Summer Workshops!
Our workshops for Kids and Teens are being held this coming January!
Kids workshops: 20th of January, 10:30am - 4:45pm
Teen workshops: 21st of January, 10:30am - 4:30pm

Workshops Enrollment

Pre-Schooler classes!

We are officially launching our Pre-Schooler program and couldn't be more excited!
Pre-School Acrobatics: Tuesday's 2pm - 2:30pm
Pre-School Yoga: Wednesday's 2pm - 2:30pm

We have a Christmas Party on the Thursday the 19th of December at 7:45pm at the studio. "Let's celebrate the end of a fantastic year with drinks and nibblies!"

We will also be closed for 3 weeks during Christmas from the 23rd of December to the 13th of January.

Salsa Classes

For Adults we have a Beginner Salsa Course starting on the 3rd of February. A 9 Week Salsa course to get you on the dance floor!

Salsa Enrollment

Kids & Teens Classes

We have added Acro, Dance and Drama/Physical Theatre Classes for students after school. We have had outstanding results with some of our classes so far and we absolutely cant wait to see what 2020 has in store for these classes.

Kids & Teens Enrollment

Argentine Tango

Tango Course

New term starts on the 22nd of January for 11 weeks. Classes run every Wednesday 7.30pm - 9pm Sign up now using the link below!

Tango Enrollment

Candlelit Yin Yoga

Want to get a good night's sleep?

8pm Tuesday Night is a chance for you to relax and restore yourself,ready for the rest of the week.

Come and stretch out your body,relax your mind and devote a little bit of time to letting go of stress in a warm, cosy, candlelit room.

Try something new.

Chiball on Monday at 7.30pm is a gentle, flowing class with Qigong, Pilates, Feldenkrais and yoga elements. Its a great class to get your body moving and let your mind relax.

Tabata Circuit Training Monday at 6.30pm, Thursday at 6.30pm and Saturday at 9.15am are classes with strength training and cardio components, great for bone density, muscle building and fitness improvements. The classes are small enough that your technique can be corrected for safe training and adjustments can be made to work for everybody's capabilities.