Roll & Release

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Roll & Release

If you have ever been to a physio or for a massage you will know how amazing it feels to have someone release tight aching muscles for you and that sometimes it changes the way your whole body feels and moves. Maybe they have released a muscle you weren't even aware was tight and suddenly something feels more free, more stable or simply relaxed for the first time in months.

This class gives you a chance to spend an hour listening to your body, hunting out the tight spots and working on them until they relax. It is great for everyone from elite athletes looking for ways to enhance their performance to those of us with restricted movement or aches and pains from every day life. One class can leave you moving better, feeling relaxed and we've even had people tell us it helps them sleep better!

Upcoming Events

Transformational Healing Workshop Weekend

An Invitation...

To heal your past
open up your world,
explore who you are,
and what you are here to do.

To attend a weekend workshop where you can leave it all behind and immerse yourself in a process of discovery and renewal.

This process is achieved through active living prayers, Native American teachings and Pre Celtic Mysticism that involve body, mind, emotion and spirit.

With Mark Elliott,
Shamanic Teacher &
Native American Pipe Carrier

Friday Taster: $40
Full Weekend: $290
Early Bird Full Weekend: $250 (Ends March 25th)
Saturday & Sunday Only: $250
Saturday Only: $125
Sunday Only: $125

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