Argentine Tango

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Wednesday 7.30pm - 9pm

Beginner Taster Course Thursday 7.45pm - 8.45pm

Beginner Taster Course starts 12 September for three weeks.

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What to expect from our Tango courses

By the time you have completed this course you will have an understanding in theory and practice of:

▪ the importance of maintaining your own axis and how to do so.

▪ the dynamics that create the embrace and how it allows connection between partners. 

▪ the mechanics of both the closed and open sides of the embrace and learning to work within them.

▪ how the embrace creates freedom to improvise steps.

▪ the need for spacial awareness when dancing.

▪ the use of the Lat Dorsi and Serratus Anterior to guide the free leg.

▪ Basic pivot technique, how hip stability and breathing effect balance and the use of the ball of the foot.

▪ pivot technique and it's use to create circular steps in tango.

▪ step projection and variations of height during dance.

▪ exploring ways in which the free leg can add elasticity and flow to your dance.

Bring Socks or jazz/ballet shoes to dance in.

If you have Tango Shoes or Latin/Salsa shoes please bring these as there will parts of the class where those with shoes will be using them.

(If you don't have shoes, that's okay. When you want shoes, when you are ready for will happen. Until then, socks, jazz and ballet shoes will be perfect and we use these for large sections of the class anyway).

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Beginner Tango Taster Course

Three Week Taster Course

Ever wanted to try Argentine Tango but the idea of signing up for a whole term seemed daunting?

Here's a chance to try a mini course and see if it's for you.

You don't need a partner, you don't need any dance experience, you don't need any co-ordination! Just bring yourself, some socks and some comfortable clothes. It's three lessons, it's a great place to start.

Tango Enrollment

Candlelit Yin Yoga

Want to relax Mid-week?

6pm Wednesday Night is a chance for you to relax and restore your body to set you up for the rest of the week.

Come and stretch out your body,relax your mind and devote a little bit of time to letting go of stress in a warm, cosy, candlelit room.

Try something new.

Chiball on Monday at 7.30pm is a gentle, flowing class with Qigong, Pilates, Feldenkrais and yoga elements. Its a great class to get your body moving and let your mind relax.

Tabata Circuit Training Monday at 6.30pm, Thursday at 6.30pm and Saturday at 9.15am are classes with strength training and cardio components, great for bone density, muscle building and fitness improvements. The classes are small enough that your technique can be corrected for safe training and adjustments can be made to work for everybody's capabilities.