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What is Barre class and how do you say it?!

Pronounced bar, the barre is what you hold on to to aid balance while you dance.

A Barre class is a cardio workout based on ballet, pilates and yoga

▪ it tones and strengthens legs, bums and waist

▪ it's great for improving hip mobility

▪ suitable for all ages so long as you are healthy

▪ made up of easy to follow choreography

▪ it strengthens feet and ankles

▪ is fun and friendly

▪ with a light weights section to tone arms

▪ it also includes a short matwork series for abs and back

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Yoga Workshops

Isabelle Achard-Lobato is bringing us her series of workshops to pinpoint and help resolve problems in our body that effect our yoga practice. The next two in the series are:

Mind Your Back
November 24th
Saturday 3pm-5.15pm

Mind Your Shoulders
December 8th
Saturday 3pm-5.15pm

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