Restorative Pilates

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Restorative Pilates

What is pilates for and what will you get from a class?

Doing regular pilates classes can

▪ create long lean muscles

▪ improve balance and coordination

▪ strengthen the muscles that stabilise your joints

▪ improve quality and range of movement

▪ make your movement more efficient

▪ improve sports performance

▪ help rehabilitate injuries and retrain movement patterns

▪ strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles

▪ create symmetry in your body

▪ improve pelvic alignment

▪ keep your neck and shoulders relaxed and mobile

▪ make you feel taller and more flexible

▪ teach you to breath in a way that promotes core activation

▪ ease joint pain

▪ give you physical tools to aid with long term health conditions

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Spring Sale!

20% Extra on Your Class Pass This Month

Yes it's back at last!

When you buy a multi class pass during the rest of this month, you will get 20% more classes than you pay for.

5 Class Pass = 6 Classes
10 Class Pass = 12 Classes
20 Class Pass = 24 Classes
50 Class Pass = 60 Classes

Beginner Tango Taster Course

Three Week Taster Course

Ever wanted to try Argentine Tango but the idea of signing up for a whole term seemed daunting?

Here's a chance to try a mini course and see if it's for you.

You don't need a partner, you don't need any dance experience, you don't need any co-ordination! Just bring yourself, some socks and some comfortable clothes. It's three lessons, it's a great place to start.

Tango Enrollment

Candlelit Yin Yoga

Want to relax Mid-week?

6pm Wednesday Night is a chance for you to relax and restore your body to set you up for the rest of the week.

Come and stretch out your body,relax your mind and devote a little bit of time to letting go of stress in a warm, cosy, candlelit room.

Try something new.

Chiball on Monday at 7.30pm is a gentle, flowing class with Qigong, Pilates, Feldenkrais and yoga elements. Its a great class to get your body moving and let your mind relax.

Tabata Circuit Training Monday at 6.30pm, Thursday at 6.30pm and Saturday at 9.15am are classes with strength training and cardio components, great for bone density, muscle building and fitness improvements. The classes are small enough that your technique can be corrected for safe training and adjustments can be made to work for everybody's capabilities.